Support for new Wimba Classroom live sessions will end August 1, 2014.

Wimba at the University of Georgia

Wimba Classroom is being replaced. Blackboard Collaborate has been selected to replace Wimba Classroom as the centrally-supported tool for instructional web conferencing at UGA. Both tools are currently available for use in eLearning Commons (eLC), but support for new Wimba Classroom live sessions will end August 1, 2014.

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  The UGA Community has access to three Wimba products - Classroom, which is like an online virtual classroom space, Pronto, which is an instant communication tool, and the Voice Tools, which allow you to embed your voice in course components. Read on for information on these products, including how to add them in your eLearning Commons course, and how to use them in your teaching.
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Wimba Classroom is a flexible, Web-based tool for conducting live online classes that can be archived and viewed at a later time Classroom can be open to any participant or accessed from within a password-protected eLearning Commons course.

arrow Available Now! Wimba Pronto is designed to advance and promote collaborative learning through instant communication. Wimba Pronto includes features such as instant messaging, application sharing, audio and video conferencing and office hours.
Voice Tools
arrow The Wimba Voice Tools make it easy to embed voice in your course pages, have conversations with your students online, and send voice e-mail as well. Voice Tools are used within eLearning Commons courses.


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Students can use the Wimba tools to communicate with their instructors and classmates - via voice!





Access Open Wimba Classrooms:

Wimba Classroom and Voice Tools are jointly supported by CTL and EITS.

For assistance with Wimba tools at UGA, please contact the
EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.